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Well, this is the year that Reel Fishing Adventures goes into retirement, as promised, earlier last year!  I do want to thank all of those faithful contributors from over the years who, as I did, tried to keep interest up in the sport of fishing and provide as up to date reports on the fishing as they could, you guys know who you are!  The website has been around since 2001 and provided thousands of reports over those years, and the feedback was almost always positive, I mean, have to have the odd whiner in everything these days!  The site itself will remain "on line" for some time yet, as that is just how the Internet works these days, so my rants other articles will remain in view for a while.  What will be deleted will be the actual fishing report articles, so your all gonna have to wing it on your own now!  For those that still wish to let me know how they're doing I'll be more than happy to keep in touch via the email, either through this site or else . There is no doubt I'll still have a few rants to put on the books before the lights go out, in fact, there will be a one on the new Twin Anchors docks over in Old Towne Bay!  Thanks again fishing dudes, we've had a good run!!  

Sherm aka The Fish Whisperer